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Anjappar Chettinad Indian Cuisine, a world-famous restaurant chain brand with 85 branches worldwide is now proud to open its doors in Hong Kong. We have been the world’s favorite non-vegetarian South Indian restaurant for over 52 years serving customers across the globe."

We are proud to be international ambassadors of Chettinad Cuisine. We are in 17 countries across the globe. Over the years, we have mastered the art of using spices to give one’s taste buds a delectable food experience. Anjappar is continuously spreading its wings to give customers a truly Chettinad dining experience. The freshness of our products when blended with the use of traditional home-made recipes, provides a unique dining experience that is exclusive to Anjappar! Today the name Anjappar is synonymous with Chettinad Cuisine – it is this very experience that aims to bring you to Hong Kong."

In Hong Kong, we serve the best of South and North Indian dishes as well as several Pan Asian Cuisines. All our meat is Halal and our spices and ingredients are flown in fresh from India on a weekly basis."